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Shy Bairnz is born!

My name is Simon Rudd founder of Shy Bairnz mental health clothing brand. It’s coming up to almost 3 years since I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety it’s been a difficult period with a lot of extremely dark moments but with the support of my amazing wife I feel I have weathered the worst of the storm.

I still have days where the darkness is overwhelming but I feel now I’m strong enough to resist it’s hold over me. Each day I fight to make sure there is more light than darkness is my world 🌎 💜

About a month ago I started a side hustle business called Shy Bairnz trying to create something positive from what has been such a very difficult time for so many people myself included.

I have always loved wearing t-shirts and hoodies so I decided to start an online apparel business selling T-Shirts, Hoodies, Beanie Hats & Caps with custom designs that would help increase awareness around mental health issues but also spread a little bit of positivity…us Geordies are good at that! 😉💜 

I didn’t just want to sell T-Shirts and Hoodies I wanted to create a brand and a community that could do something great during these difficult times and not only help increase awareness around mental health issues but also raise funds to support mental health charities, so they can continue to help those that need it the most.

So from day one I decided that I would donate 10% from each sale we make and over time hopefully as the business grows I can increase those contributions. A partnership with Work for Good has enabled us to fulfil this ambition to raise funds for mental health charities. The first charity we have chosen to support is the Mental Health Foundation #mentalhealth

Although it’s been a hard slog and an uphill battle at times since I decided to create this business, I believe by helping others I can also help myself become a better, stronger and happier version of myself 😀

So if any of you lovely people out there who read this blog post would like to help me with my mission and support me, take a look at our online store grab yourself a custom designed T-Shirt, Hoodie, Beanie Hat or Cap and we will donate 10% from each sale to The Mental Health Foundation 😀💜

If you have any questions or need some support whatever your circumstances don’t be afraid to reach out 😀 we got your back 👌🏻💜

More designs coming soon as well as additions to the range so keep your an eye out 👀

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